I somehow escaped the first decade of the 2000s without watching a single episode of Gilmore Girls. It was as good as everyone made it out to be, but watching the show in 2017 prompted some thoughts that definitely wouldn’t have occurred to me in 2005:
  1. Bell sleeves
    Were bell sleeves really this popular? I haven’t seen a bell sleeve in a very long time.
  2. Cute boys
    How are alllll of Rory’s boyfriends so attractive? I probably would have had this thought in 2007 also, but still worth mentioning.
  3. Milo Ventimiglia
    On that note, watching both Gilmore Girls and This Is Us at the same time is weird. In the best way.
  4. The Donald
    If Rory knew she was supporting the future campaign of Donald Trump, she would never have went to his casino for her 21st birthday.
  5. Legwarmers
    Why are legwarmers part of Loreli’s outfit? That never should have been a thing.