Just a few things I do while I'm looking for a job.
  1. Going to movies alone
    Yes, because your friends are all working during the day, you can go to movies by yourself and not having to worry about seats, popcorn, or whether the movie you're going to watch is trashy. I watched The Invitation and Silence.
  2. Waking up anytime
    Sure, if you're a lazy ass like me, you can wake up at anytime you want during your unemployment period, and later, you can regret the fact that you have wasted half of your day in bed
  3. Feel free to sign up to whatever jobs interest you
    I tried admin, secretarial--even though I have a degree in finance--at some point I even considered working as a Starbucks barista.
  4. Learn new things
    Ah, this is what everyone says. Sure, I did brush up on my French and Accounting. I also relearned codes for HTML and CSS, something that should have been burned in my brain when I was in high school.
  5. Imagining you're a healthy someone
    I tried to make myself move everyday, but apparently when you get really stressed out because no one calls you back about that job you really want, exercise is the last thing you want to do. Well, I headlined it 'imagining' so clearly I failed to go to yoga or became the health freak I see on Instagram.
  6. Eat whatever you want
    Like, whatever. There's no one who's going to judge you for the poor diet choice you make.
  7. Keep on applying
    I mean, the only way to get out of unemployment is to keep applying for jobs. Oh, I also pray. It helps to remain sane.