1. Moving to a new state where I knew no one and making a life for myself
  2. Quitting jobs when they were no longer life-giving
  3. Buying a house
  4. Traveling to Scotland solo
  5. Restarting Laney YL
  6. Creating BTE in Wilmington at Laney
  7. Traveling to 11 countries
  8. Raising an awesome dog
  9. Being a bridesmaid 14 times
  10. Graduating from a good university (Go RedHawks!)
  11. Getting a teaching job at an "excellent" high school and sticking out teaching for two years
  12. Making it happen to have a palm tree, front porch, and outdoor shower at my house
  13. Living at the beach
  14. Not settling in any aspect of life
  15. Maintaining a good relationship with my family
  16. Having friends of 25+ years
  17. Hiking a 14er in Colorado
  18. Still being able to fit into and wear shorts from college at age 34
  19. Owning a car outright
  20. Making enough to live on working part-time
  21. Owning appropriate glassware for any occasion
  22. Skillfully being able to drive a stick shift (parallel parking included)
  23. Navigating from from Uruguay to NC solo
  24. Buying the Pottery Barn couch I wanted