1. June-August
    Ahh, summer in a beach town. This is what you were made for. Also everyone in town is off the radar and all activities shut down but the city organizes tons of free outdoor concerts and events
  2. September
    Tourists are gone so way less beach crowds, still have summer weather and the ocean is still warm
  3. May
    Before tourists have arrived, summer weather except ocean is still spring temp = chilly...but that "summers almost here!" excitement is in the air
  4. April
    Azalea festival, first real beach days of the year, the most beautiful month in flowers of the year
  5. October
    People lose their minds over fall and cooler temps/bonfires/pumpkin flavored everything. Also dogs are allowed back on the beach from now through March
  6. March
    Some pretty warm days, people are starting to venture outside
  7. December
    Christmas season!! Even at the beach it's just so happy
  8. November
    Still a few warm days and beach parking is free for the next four months
  9. January-February
    The worst. Nothing to do and a beach town in the winter is extra depressing. And listening to people complain over 40 degree weather is obnoxious. You don't know how good you have it southern-born folks