(I realize some of these may be impossible)
  1. Be an animated character on the Simpson's
  2. Wear a crown for a real reason
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. Ride in a private jet
  5. Fly first class
  6. Be a member of some kind of private club
  7. Ride in a helicopter
  8. Have a master bedroom
  9. Go on a safari
  10. Go to a ball/gala
  11. Sleep on silk sheets
  12. Have a former YL kid wrote me a thank you letter years later
  13. See a celebrity in Wilmington
  14. Drive across the country
  15. Own a convertible
  16. Ride a one horse open sleigh
  17. See the Northern lights
  18. Ride a boat to a restaurant
  19. Stay at an all-inclusive resort
  20. Have a drink at a swim-up bar
  21. Have a wrap-around porch
  22. Tour a castle uninhibited
  23. Scream in the middle of nowhere Montana while running through a grassy knoll
  24. Receive a standing ovation
  25. Win an award as an adult
  26. Casually pick up the dinner tab for a group of friends
  27. Catch a wave
  28. Visit: Hawaii, Greek isles, Australia or New Zealand
  29. Know a public transportation system like a local
  30. Be able to "whip up dinner" for unexpected guests
  31. Have my name on a list at a club or party
  32. Own a beach house
  33. Throw a catered party
  34. Have a tangible skill
  35. Be on The Price is Right
  36. Ride in a glass bottom boat
  37. Go through a corn maze
  38. Have a party with a giant bottle of wine
  39. Attend the Azaela Festival Garden party at Airlie
  40. Membership to an airline members club