I'm a white collar girl living in a blue collar world
  1. Ruben says he's died and come back to life because his angel told him to walk away from the light
  2. Kyler asked me if I know how to e-mail. I then proceeded to show him how. He is 20.
  3. Kyler also told me he shot someone for coming on his property and found a trail of blood the next morning to confirm
  4. Justin told me he's an MMA fighter because "you can't snort drugs up your nose if it's broken"
  5. Bryan told me he owns a 2500 acre cattle farm and gets up at 4:30am every day because he's got shit to do. I believe him.
  6. Upon meeting me, Loren's first topic of conversation was to ask my age and tell me a penis joke. He then told me he stays in hotels 40 weeks a year and reminded me he's single. He's 55 and he thinks my name is "Sweetheart."
  7. After learning about Loren's approach, Kyler told me he'd "drop kick his ass." Loren outweighs Kyler by over 100 pounds.
  8. Chris told me working in New Stanton, PA is like being on vacation. He lives in a farm in Oklahoma
  9. Brandon told me he's never been to the beach because he likes his pond. This is almost a real life example of the famous CS Lewis quote about being far too easily pleased
  10. Jeremy has a masters degree but prefers operating machinery
  11. Shorty told me he gets up at 4:30 every morning and often comes and just sits in the parking lot until we start work at 7
  12. Despite what I consider oddities at first, these are the hardest working guys I've ever met. Salt of the earth. I am humbled.