For your entertainment and shopping pleasure: My Christmas list🎄

  1. Ugg slippers
    My current slippers have holes in them and since I wear them 90% of my day I think this is a good investment. Size 8.5
  2. Air popcorn popper
    Something that doesn't require me to use oil
  3. Veggie rack for the grill
    So those dang mushrooms stop falling through the grates into the abyss!
  4. Gift card to a spa
    Always on my list, always ignored
  5. Beachwaver s1 rotating curlingiron 1.25 in
    Something idiot proof to make my hair look 💯
  6. Bible with Hebrew and Greek translation
    All the learning, none of the boring seminary classes!
  7. Tshirts from Madewell
    Comfiest and best-fitting shirts in the world. This store exists in Phoenix and not in Wilmington or Cincinnati. Plan accordingly. Size small
  8. Lularoe leggings
    Expensive for leggings but that's my work clothes so...