1. Playing "hey buddy" with drunk people out the window at Cornerstone
  2. Tina and I wearing a single full body fleece
  3. Eating the Best Meal of 2009 at the Tabbiner's house in Landfall with no furniture and 1 plate to share between 5 people
  4. Jumping over the balcony railings and parties every night during my year at the beach
  5. 4th of July fireworks surrounded by loved ones on a warm summer night in Ohio
    Also same thing at reds games
  6. Laughing with Cathleen in NYC while we took my muppet to a times square hotel bar with two cross dressing 70 year old men
  7. Adult sleepover at my house during P10 Wilmy weekend
  8. Making Christmas ornaments at Anne's house while tipsy and being babysat like a child because I can't be trusted with superglue
  9. Making videos with Meg in middle school
  10. Making videos with P10 in high school
  11. Watching GAC and eating skyline dip at the mcabees every night in the summer during college
  12. OTB happy hours my first year in Wilmy with Carrie and Robin
  13. Harrison team meetings after club on Monday nights at Paradise
  14. Hour of Power at Paradise in college
  15. Boat drinks and afternoons at Topsail during family beach vacations
  16. Fortunate glass nights and loads of free wine with Caitlin
  17. The Swings Halloween party sans my first Jell-O shots
  18. Laughing with Stacey Pierce nonstop jr year of hs
  19. Last night in Paris with accordion playing Austrians
  20. Salsa dancing in Uruguay with the locals
  21. Entire week of Spring break jr year of college at Sanibel
  22. Abi's valentines party and accidentally getting almost bike DUIs
  23. Meeting all the princesses at Disney World
  24. Making games with Anne in elementary school
  25. The summer of baseball at the Puhls everyday in 7th grade circa Sandlot
  26. Screwing around in Nachtrabs government class with Steph and Rachel
  27. Harrison reunions (all)
  28. My 33rd bday at Bald Head Island
  29. Fat Pelican in CB after I got my tattoo
    And all 2008-09 CB memories
  30. Driving down highway 1 in CA with mom followed by wearing hotel bathrobes drinking wine
  31. Roanoke girls weekend 2015 with Carrie, Corrie, and Robin
  32. Post clubs with Casey 2009