*So I know the fall of communism was a huge one but I was in elementary school and not quite coherent of current events
  1. Birth of the Internet
    Mid-90s I was using prodigy, AOL-IM, all the good beta versions of tech companies who are now obsolete
  2. Clinton-Lewinsky scandal
    1998. High school class discussions I'm sure were super intelligent. SNL began to teach me politics at this age
  3. Turn of the millennium
    Would the world end? Y2K computers exploding? Do we call it the "two-thousands" or the "twenty-hundreds???"
  4. 2000 election
    Hanging chads. Florida recounts. Chaos in the quad at Miami
  5. 9/11/01
    No one knew where the attackers were coming from or had really any idea of where Afghanistan was or how it would all play out but walking around campus you knew you were living in history
  6. Invention of facebook
    2005—I was literally a year out of college when this launched and just missed being a part of this cool college internet fad. And now it's the main social media for baby boomers and a guy my age is a billionaire
  7. Invention of the iPhone
    2006ish—Smartphones have changed our world forever and it went from no one had one to everyone had one in like 2 years. So incredibly fast
  8. Election of president Obama
    2008, first black person elected to the highest office. I voted for him not because I thought he'd be better than McCain but bc I wanted to be a part of history. ✅
  9. Brexit*
    June 2016, first country to try to leave the EU. I arrived in London the morning the vote was announced and it was chaos. I bought lots of £ as an investment as the value was crashing. (*ok, this isn't a US event, but it was fascinating to see a European historic event in person)
  10. 2016 presidential election
    Primaries were insane. Trump was a joke turned oh my gosh he might actually win this thing to how did we get here???. Lord, have mercy on our country. Also, I voted for the first woman being on the ticket for the highest office in the land (I compare this to the US partnering with Russia to defeat the Nazis)