In honor of turning 35 and being legally old enough to run for Prez, I shall defeat Trump in 2020 with these main issues
  1. Make abortion illegal
    (Except in the case of rape, incest, or mothers life in danger)
  2. Free healthcare
    See Great Britain's system
  3. Basic income tax form
    No loopholes that allow the wealthy not to pay taxes. Re: Trump
  4. Legalize all drugs
    Drug trafficking results in crime (gangs, prostitution, large numbers of theft and violence are all drug-related), as well as mass incarceration. Plus, govt can then tax the hell out of drugs and invest into public education. See Portugal
  5. Equal federal funding for all public schools rather than local funding
    This allows rich and poor kids equal access to quality public education
  6. Subsidize teacher pay
    If teachers made what doctors made, higher competition would lead to better teachers and better education. In general, free quality ed and healthcare should both be considered human rights in a nation as wealthy as ours
  7. Enact term limits in Congress and Supreme Court (6-10 years)
  8. Shorten campaign cycle, limit campaign spending
    As a country we spent billions of dollars and two years to elect Trump. We can do better/be more efficient. It's impossible for non-millionaires to be elected to a govt office
  9. Appoint rather than elect judges and police chiefs
    How can this not be a conflict of interest in administering justice??