My boss needed me to travel to Clover, South Carolina to help out with an environmental cleanup job site.
  1. ORIGINAL PURPOSE: take field notes, log crew hours, pickup supplies, see the site layout
  3. Went to ABC store to buy bourbon for boss and friends to drink for personal happy hour
  4. Went to target to buy glasses for bourbon because hotel paper cups were insufficient
  5. Filled up gas in boss's personal vehicle
  6. Drove around town with boss to scope out restaurants
  7. Bought coffee for a construction worker
  8. Created notes template. Due to a series of delays, I had to leave before any notes were taken. AKA This could've been a word doc emailed to boss.
  9. Time spent: 3 days
  10. 8 hours mobilization time = $400
  11. 8.5 hours of work time = $450
  12. 2 nights in a hotel = $325
  13. 7 meals ~ $150
  14. TOTAL COST: $1325
  15. TOTAL WASTE: priceless
  16. UPDATE: five minutes before I arrive home on Friday boss calls and and says he wants me to return Sunday night so I can work Monday and Tuesday. 😩😣🤔🙄😭