*actually more like non-returned phone calls rather than rejections but the outcome is the same (I have reached out to each of these organizations more than once seeing how I could get involved. Crickets...)
  1. Port City Young Life
    Leading college Bible study, being a team family ambassador
  2. Half United
  3. Vigilant Hope
    Summer VBS in creekwood
  4. Snipes Elementary
    Mentoring a student
  5. Communities in Schools
  6. Live Oak Church
    Starting an outreach ministry, or even participating in a small group ("sorry, couples and college students only at this time!")
  7. The Bridge Church
    Women's ministry, small group leading, starting a local outreach ministry, going to Haiti on a mission trip
  8. Note: I have worked as a volunteer coordinator at a non-profit organization for 8 years, and have an additional 7 years of volunteer experience in leading young life, coaching, and working with refugees. In addition, I work from home and have a very flexible schedule and no dependents. WTF
  9. Interfaith Refugee Ministry