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  1. Yard Bar
    Combo of bar and dog run. Good food, good dogs, good beer.
  2. Bangers Bash
    Sunday brunch! MANmosas! Need to be here by 10:30 to avoid a 1.5 hour wait
  3. Dirty 6th
    Trashy, dirty, smashed drinking
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  1. Hercules (before he becomes swole and awesome)
    "I will find my way, I can go the distance". Probs got a long journey ahead of you but if you have a dog then it'll be alright. Just ignore those laughing at you for wearing a dress.
  2. The "Santa Brought Me A Magic Set For Christmas"
    Follow your dreams, kiddo. Even if it's something lame like magic and it isn't going anywhere and you end up a broke, alcoholic, high school drop out and you spend every day crying in the dumpster of a Burger King parking lot until you inevitably succumb to the sweet release of death.
  3. Pineapple Queen
    You really like pineapples and you're probably a lowkey freak. I mean look at the subtle reference to a blowjob.
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  1. Typical Drunk Snaps
  2. My cousin or royalty?
  3. Our friendship in one picture
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