1. That Trading Spaces skit on Chapelle Show where Dave says, "White people don't use washcloths." But I do use a washcloth! What does this mean?
  2. Did I wash my hair already?
  3. My daughter must have had to go potty when she woke up, because she insists on flushing, and that's why my water pressure sucks now.
  4. My wife would never flush on me while I'm in the shower. Maybe by accident.
  5. What if my wife just intentionally flushed on me? Must investigate after I wash my hair.
  6. In the movies, why do people always get into the shower and THEN turn it on? So dumb. I can't imagine that anyone actually does that.
  7. But hey, it's not like I watch a lot of people take showers. Maybe I'm the weirdo.
  8. Speaking of movies, how about that scene in The Goonies where the kids beat on the pipes and the water handles get sucked into the wall? That was cool.
  9. Should really wash my hair at this point.