Spoilers below. You've been warned.
  1. I don't believe this tracking shot was all one take.
    The first five minutes of this movie appears to be one long tracking shot. I call shenanigans.
  2. Where the fuck are you going to land that helicopter?
    One of my favorite things about Bond movies is the skipping over of logistical details. So, you just stole a helicopter from a crime lord in dramatic fashion above throngs of people in Mexico City? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!? When you land, how will you get back to where you need to be?
  3. Daniel Craig can wear a suit.
    I mean, damn. He is what every dude wants to look like in a suit. Are there Oscars for Best Suit Wearer?
  4. I imagine the pitch for this scene was, "it's a car chase, but Bond's car is an airplane."
    "Where do we sign?"
  5. What is this accent that Waltz is doing? Is that...Austrian?
  6. Bautista is a very large human being.
  7. I love the return of some camp to these movies.
    Secret lairs, elaborate pointless traps, Bond nails all the ladies, Blofeld's Dr. Evil cat...love it all.
  8. This Bond girl has dead eyes.
    Is she sleepy? She seems sleepy.
  9. Why can't the good guy just kill the bad guy anymore?
  10. Didn't love the ending, but loved the movie. I might like Craig better than Connery.
    There, I said it.