Things I love about the summer

Honesty and sarcasm abound, try to guess which is which
  1. Sweating balls right as walk the front door to go outside
  2. Constant need to keep a bottle of water near you at all times
  3. No amount of deodorant can keep that stench off ya
  4. The smell of your feet at the end of the day was considered a chemical weapon by NATO
  5. Chocolate becomes gooey and melts easier than ice cream
  6. Even the bloody cookies have to go in the fridge
  7. Refreshing drinks are good by your throat will be sore the next day
  8. Coffee and other hot drinks are unbearable no matter how good they are
  9. Boobs!
  10. Considering all the points I'd say it's my favorite season... Totally nothing to do with the last point but... Dude
    You probably just missed some massive milf cleavage cruising the streets because you were reading this!