emma sent this to me
  1. do you prefer writing in black or blue pen
    black '
  2. would you prefer to live in the country or the city
    country?? idk somewhere in the middle??
  3. if you could learn a new skill what would it be
    calligraphy sounds cool. or managing money
  4. what was your favorite book as a child
    when i was thirteen i read a book called "the earth, my butt, and other big round things" and idk that's been my favorite book since then. or maybe the caps for sale book. or paddington's book.
  5. do you prefer baths or showers
    baths tbh but i don't have a bathtub
  6. if you could be a mythological creature what would you be
    a siren
  7. do you prefer reading paper or electronic books
    paper bc it's easier on my eyes
  8. what is your favorite item of clothing
    a black and white striped short sleeve shirt or black leggings
  9. do you like your name? would you change it?
    i've really come to like my name so no i don't think so. i did used to want my name to be lauren really badly though
  10. who is a mentor to you
    my best friend's mom is a makeup artist and is sort of mentoring me in that aspect but other than that i don't have one. unless all my friends count bc i learn a lot from them
  11. would you ever want to be famous? if so, what for?
    yeah probably? having an audience is a weird concept to me but i do think i have a nice """""message""""" and a """new""" perspective that wouldn't be awful to have other people hear? idk also i use those words very loosely lmao
  12. do you consider yourself a romantic
    ah,,, no, probably not
  13. which element best represents you
  14. who do you want to be closer to
    my brother tbh
  15. do you miss someone at the moment
    i miss my dogs
  16. tell us about an early childhood memory
    my earliest memory is when my parents took me to sea world for my birthday and my dad picked me up and was carrying me to go visit the person wearing the dolphin suit and i started screaming and crying and yelling stuff like "he's going to eat me" so
  17. what is the strangest thing you have eaten
    one time i was talking to my boss outside of her house and i'm pretty sure i swallowed a bug? a gnat, specifically
  18. what are you most thankful for
    my sense of humor and my friends and my mom and my dogs
  19. do you like spicy food
    oh hELL YEAH
  20. have you ever met someone famous
    yeah lmao i met a rapper named watsky after his concert and i tried to make a stupid joke and it didn't go well and it came off really rudely and the whole situation was awkward and horrible and i still feel bad about it over two years later. sorry, george, if you're reading this. i hope you don't remember me hahah also george was lovely and handled it so well and was so nice i could cry
  21. do you keep a diary or a journal
    no but i wish!!!!!
  22. do you prefer to use pen or pencil
    i love the smoothness of a pen but require the impermanence of a pencil
  23. what is your star sign
  24. do you like your cereal crunchy or soggy
    somewhat soggy lmao don't roast me
  25. what would you want your legacy to be
    oh god um? that i pioneered some shit with special effect makeup and got an oscar for it and that i had my head on straight when it came to social, political, and economic matters, and that i was extremely good with dogs and owned a lot of them
  26. do you like reading? what was the last thing you read?
    i love reading but i haven't been able to sit down and read something since my sophomore year in high school. the last thing i read was the first part of the night circus (sorry alaina)
  27. how do you show someone you love them
    i often try to buy things for people? and say nice words to them and i also say really weird thoughts of mine and jokes of mine to them. that's how u kno it's Real
  28. do you like ice in your drinks
    yes!!! but not a lot
  29. what are you afraid of
    wigs/getting hair in my mouth. my dog's mortality.
  30. what is your favorite scent
    like a musky cologne or perfume or something? or fresh baked goods of the smell after it rains or christmas or when you first go outside early in the morning.
  31. do you address older people by their first or last name
    last name mostly but it depends on my relationship with them
  32. if money was not a factor, how would you live your life
    pretty much the same except with a different car and i would get my own house on cape cod and have a ton of dogs and a ton of toys an treats for my dogs and i would be a musical comedian that would paint a lot and i want a huge backyard and a mostly white kitchen and i would buy my mom a new fence for her backyard
  33. do you prefer swimming in pools or swimming in the ocean
    i really don't like swimming but i love the beach and ocean with my whole heart however pools are not completely horrifying
  34. what would you do if you found $50 on the ground
    look around to see if someone was looking for money but then take it? idk i wouldn't turn it into the police bc who would go to the police looking for $50. tbh i would probably either keep it and spend it on my dog or buy a homeless woman a ton of tampons and some clothes and some food
  35. have you ever seen a shooting star? did you make a wish?
    yes!!! i've seen shooting stars maybe three or four times in my life and i made a wish each time
  36. what is one thing you want to teach your children
    being nice matters and everyone is equal and as lame as it sounds they need to know to be themselves and being genuine is better than anything and that i will never stop loving them. but idk if i even want kids
  37. if you had to have a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it
    i already have a tattoo but i want more so i'm going to get one on my boob, more on my ribs, something on the backs of both my arms, maybe something on my wrist or other parts of my arms? who knows
  38. what can you hear right now
    a dog snoring aka the most comforting sound in the world
  39. where do you feel the safest
    my bed or when i hug my mom or when i'm driving my car by myself
  40. what is one thing you want to overcome/conquer
    my anxiety hahah also some trust issues but those are lame
  41. if you could travel back to any era, which would you choose?
    i wanna say 50s just to see what all the hubbub was about but unless you were a white man it sucked for you. maybe the 80s bc people were having fun and were dressed wildly. maybe the victorian era or the renaissance age? idk lots to choose from
  42. what is your favorite season? why?
    winter!!! i love being bundled up and i love being cold more than i like being sweaty and everything is cozy and i love being pale and the world kind of hibernates and man i can't wait
  43. how would you spend your ideal day
    wake up a lil early but still reasonable (like 7:30), take marble for a run, get some breakfast like some cereal or a muffin or two, i shower, do a decent makeup look, put on some comfy clothes, curl up on the couch with both of my dogs, go to target or the dog park or the mall with a friend, go to dinner with said friend, come home, watch a movie either with friend or by myself or with my mom, lay in bed with my dogs while i'm on my computer or my phone, put dogs to bed, go to sleep
  44. describe yourself using one word
    nice? or maybe yikes?