no one else at the dog park will have these probably
  1. king baby
    in case your puppydog is small but still in charge and rules over all the land
  2. ottoman
    this could be either in reference to the empire or the piece of furniture
  3. rocket power
    like the hit late 90s to early 2000s cartoon tv show. i used to play the video game on my PS2 if that helps you
  4. spaghetti tuesday
    this is absolutely in reference to when herschel (the old man farmer from the walking dead, you know the one) suggested to rick (the sheriff that was unconscious for the first two or three or maybe even one month of the zombie apocalypse but caught up quickly and is now in charge) that they should have spaghetti tuesdays. i love that show
  5. anchovy, if there's one dog, or anchovies, if there are multiple dogs
    you could call them annie for short
  6. gender
    names are made up and gender is too. also breeds are made up as well when will we stop playing god
  7. gone girl
    if the dog keeps running away this would be a good name
  8. dwight, pam, michael scott, jim, etc
    everyone will be wondering you show up to the dog park with a dog named after someone in the office, a tv show that was definitely a diamond in the ruff (LOL!) and not a lot of people have watched it. shame!
  9. paypal
    your dog is a friend you have to pay for. a literal pay pal. anyway. you get it.
  10. linguine
    ratatouille is honestly my favorite disney movie and this is one of the only ways i can get the word out about it