i'm bisexual as hell and straight people seem to think that you only come out once but that's not true !
  1. tumblr
    this was the first place i ever came out. i was met with a lot of support and i loved it.
  2. my tv room
    i told my mom i was gay after i called something "cirque de so gay" and she immediately said "don't you have a thing about getting hair in your mouth?" i was disgusted
  3. facebook
    my grandmother commented like three times that she loved me and was proud of me. it was wonderful. too bad i never see her bc she lives in louisiana and i refuse to go there
  4. text message
    i text a lot of people and tell them that i'm gay. it's fun and is a good reminder.
  5. my OBGYN
    i checked "bisexual" on a patient history and my doctor mentioned it and my mom was like "???" bc she literally forgot that i was gay. wtf
  6. snapchat
    this guy that told me he liked and then called me a f*ggot. he didn't know i was bisexual but idk it was fucked up but tbh it was funny too like if someone ever tells me that men make sense i will direct them to this story
  7. my car
    i was driving back from the gym with one of my best friends and we were talking and i remember being nervous and just saying "oh by the way i'm bisexual" and she just goes "yeah i know" so
  8. twitter
    i always tweeted about being gay to the point where i think people assumed but to make it official i set up a poll asking if people knew and so far it's been like 100% yes so
  9. i'm sure there are more that i'm forgetting
    and there will be even more in the future
  10. starbucks
    i was hanging out with two of my friends and i said "you know i'm bi, right?" to one of them and she was like "yeah i know" hahaha