1. there are too many already
  2. they are horrible at conversation
    they will not relate to you. have nothing in common unless you shit your pants too, ya idiot
  3. they cannot hunt for the clan
    what do babies contribute? nothing. they just complain. everything is wrong all the time unless they're sleeping
  4. this babby Disturbing My Afternoon Nap
    Put Me Back Of Sleep
  5. is the father of the child chris evans or some other male celebrity that has mass appeal?
    no ? then there's no point
  6. is the father of the child hulk hogan or another human being that's hilarious on accident?
    the punchline isn't good enough to give birth to that
  7. have the 19 kids & counting people not been a good enough example as to why contraceptives are key and that we don't really need that many more kids?
  8. if you don't like your partner not being up front with what they want then why would you do that with someone who doesn't even speak and can't even tell you what they want
    is it self-hate thing or what?