i'm going to begin to take part in the minimalist lifestyle movement and here are the reasons why and maybe how
  1. quit your job
    money literally doesn't matter. capitalism makes the dollar bills happy but at what literal cost? it's a social construct anyway. everything except my mental instability is a social construct
  2. i was inspired by a story i read about it once
    i forget what exactly happened but this guy slowly gave away all of his possessions and started to give away his actual body parts and just slept in a cramped cupboard in his otherwise empty room and eventually he was just a head and maybe an arm? perhaps his torso too but idk he was extremely malnourished but he was happy and that's what matters most
  3. instant but temporary relief i get from making a purchase
    why do i need all this stuff. i don't. you don't. i just want to shave my head. i don't even want to own more than an inch and a half of hair on my head. all of these possessions got me fucked up. owning material things is not very chill
  4. minimalists live longer
    i just made this up but i remember in the movie 'The Other Woman,' nicki minaj's character told cameron diaz's character that selfish people live longer and when i heard that i was like truuuu
  5. it's easier to pick up and leave if you don't own anything
    the tiny house people are shams. don't believe them for a second. be the real deal and carry all the supplies you need for everyday life on your back like reese witherspoon in the movie 'Wild.' that story is very inspiring please check it out
  6. you don't need all eight seasons of that hit tv show unless it's greys anatomy or community
    i'm currently watching the medical drama tv show and there are eight seasons. eight! can you imagine. like yeah sure greys anatomy has 16 i think but i will defend that show with my life
  7. please become a minimalist
    i don't want to be alone in this