it's not my baby i just work here
  1. the song the animatronics sing to donkey and shrek when they enter duloc does anyone know what i'm talking about
    "welcome to duloc such a perfect town here we have some rules let us lay them down" etc ??? and then they have the one line where they almost say "wipe your ass" but change "ass" to "face" and that was comedy gold? brilliant
  2. a random robin hood song i heard on a disney playlist that spotify recommended to me
    "robin hood and little john walking through the forest laughin back and forth at what the other has to say" it's called oo de lally and i'd be lying if i said i didn't jam to this on the way home
  3. the yoda rockin and rollin song
    "rockin, rockin and rolling / down to the beach i'm strollin / but the seagulls poking my head / Not Fun" etc you know that one? why do i sing that to an infant
  4. this isn't a song but sometimes when i'm really bored i talk to her in a russian accent
    it's the best accent i can do and even then it's not that good i'm sorry
  5. i make weird noises that vaguely resemble the office theme song
    i know very few people have seen the office. it's very funny and cute. i love john and pat together