So now that my family has officially moved to Canada, we are now officially part of the family festivities and invited to all the Christmas parties
  1. On the 24th
    We spend it at my cousins wife's brothers home and see her family and some of ours. They make good food and drink and open presents. Before we didn't really fit in except my dad (he sings) but we are slowly fitting in.
  2. On the 25th
    We go to one of my cousins house where the same people from last night plus extra all come to this small house and eat some more good food and drink and be merry again. Before I feel awkward because we weren't really inducted into the family but we are almost there. Also there is family secret Santa.
  3. The 26th
    Spent at my aunts house were almost the same people come plus others who I don't know come. We eat West Indian food (Trinidad) and try to sing songs but everyone is having babies now one really listens and we stop. Alcohol involved again and this is my aunts house so we straight.
  4. Finally on the 27th
    We go to my mom's best friends home (aka my sisters god mother) who is hella annoying but she your mom friend so you can't say shit. She bogie and chunky and ya...annoying but gotta do that shit. Also my dad rekindled am old friendship so now we going over to this other trini people home. Praise for roti
  5. So yay Canada
  6. Joyeux noël tout le monde
  7. Tu me manque
  8. I miss Raleigh and my weird family/friends
  9. Je t'aime
  10. 🎅🏾🎄🎅🏾🎊