Cause I'm in Canada ...well I just came back from Canada
  1. Heat in the mall
    So many people and stores and light and so much heat
  2. Heat in gyms
    ....starting a sauna?
  3. "Eh?"
    But I get caught saying "eh" so not so awkward lol
  4. The money is shiny and plastic
    Play money! Lowkey literally since the CAD is down
  5. Their FDA is different than American FDA
    So different products in certain stores and kind of confusing. They are technically a different country but...are they really? Lol
  6. Bud light platinum is on the DL here
    I occasionally drink it but I yeah lol
  7. They charge you for killing Raccoons
  8. Don't accept American visa debit cards half of the time
    Like wtf y'all
  9. Montreal's abbreviation is MTL....I didn't know this.
  10. Being a dual language city in Montreal they say "bonjour hello" to determine what language to speak to you in
    Yo lemme speak in both ayee
  11. Je parle Le français okkkkkk
  12. Tinder in Montreal is funny because ya
  13. I will say bumble has beautiful people in Toronto compared to Montreal
  14. YYZ airport is a clusterfuck