Because though you don't talk anymore you did have some mutual things you loved to do together and/or learned something while with them and it's 2016 and I'm working on forgiveness.
  1. Justin
    I gained an appreciation for the US Army and how to play video games. Fable was my favorite 💁🏽
  2. Eric
    A ginger who was just too nice. Shared my appreciation for travel.
  3. Avik
    Reminded me how being half Indian is great and that its okay to eat Indian food 24/7. 👳🏽
  4. Justan
    Gained appreciation for video games again lol and working out.
  5. Valentin
    I learned how traveling with someone is amazing and that I should be more aware of first impressions. Also Showed me how grocery stores are just enjoyable to be in.