🎶Eureeka's Castle🎶

  1. Hmm, now this is very interesting reading hmm. Ohh! Look! My castle music box
  2. Uhh, guys
  3. Ready, ready, ready
  4. Ready
  5. One, two
  6. One two
  7. Three!
  8. You who, who? You!
  9. You ee you ee, you see who?
  10. Eureekaaaaaa
  11. Who me?
  12. No you! Don't you see
  13. Eureeka's Castlllllle
  14. Eureeka's Castle!
  15. Gee what a wonderful place to be
  16. Castle! Castle!
  17. Castle! Castle!
  18. Them, us, they, we! Who ee, you me, one two three!
  19. ~dum dum dum duhdum dum duhdum dum~