Just some of my photos ran through the Circular app that I think turned out pretty neat.
  1. Static
    My dog in my backyard during fall
  2. Static
    Trees, mountains, lightning, rainbow - seen on a run in my neighborhood
  3. Static
    My backyard during winter, dog standing on picnic table
  4. Static
    Liberty Park - spring in SLC
  5. Static
    Tying my shoe while dog runs shoreline - Dog Lake UT
  6. Static
    Fall colors in my backyard, no enhancement to colors, only the shape of the branch
  7. Static
    Salt Lake City, UT
  8. Static
    Mountains, trees, full moon - seen on a run through my neighborhood
  9. Static
    Small cemetery - Tabiona Mountain, UT
  10. Static
    Sunset - Great Salt Lake, UT
  11. Static
    My dog running down the hill in my parents backyard
  12. Static
    My favorite - Coronado Island, CA
  13. Static
    Great Salt Lake, UT
  14. Static
    Homestead hot spring crater - Midway, UT
  15. Static
    Twin Lakes - Big Cottonwood Canyon, above Brighton/Solitude, UT
  16. Static
    Random "No wifi Signal" graffiti on the way to hike up Ensign Peak - Salt Lake City, UT
  17. Static
    Sunset drive - Murray, UT
  18. Static
    My dog, the greatest tennis ball return