Favorite Photos Using Circular

Just some of my photos ran through the Circular app that I think turned out pretty neat.
  1. My dog in my backyard during fall
  2. Trees, mountains, lightning, rainbow - seen on a run in my neighborhood
  3. My backyard during winter, dog standing on picnic table
  4. Liberty Park - spring in SLC
  5. Tying my shoe while dog runs shoreline - Dog Lake UT
  6. Fall colors in my backyard, no enhancement to colors, only the shape of the branch
  7. Salt Lake City, UT
  8. Mountains, trees, full moon - seen on a run through my neighborhood
  9. Small cemetery - Tabiona Mountain, UT
  10. Sunset - Great Salt Lake, UT
  11. My dog running down the hill in my parents backyard
  12. My favorite - Coronado Island, CA
  13. Great Salt Lake, UT
  14. Homestead hot spring crater - Midway, UT
  15. Twin Lakes - Big Cottonwood Canyon, above Brighton/Solitude, UT
  16. Random "No wifi Signal" graffiti on the way to hike up Ensign Peak - Salt Lake City, UT
  17. Sunset drive - Murray, UT
  18. My dog, the greatest tennis ball return