1. Chels
    Short, sweet, only seems people who are close to me use it.
  2. Rudy
    Multiple members of my family have this nickname. My cousin even named his dog Rudy.
  3. Chels Bear
    A boy I once dated coined this one. Not really sure why but he still uses it.
  4. Cia Maria
    My aunt has called me this since I was a baby. She says it's the name of a woman in a romance novel she was reading and she loved the name.
  5. Chelsea Anna Banana
  6. Che
    My very best friend calls me this.
  7. Peppa
    I think because spicy? Only one person calls me this and it confuses me to this day.
  8. Kid
    Someone I'm quite fond of calls me this at the end of sentences i.e. "You'll get 'em next time, kid" and I absolutely love it.
  9. Doll
    Old fashioned and makes me melt.