Subtle things that make me melt
  1. Long sleeved shirts rolled up to the elbows
    Dudes, I'm not the only girl to feel this one. You're welcome.
  2. Asking your partner what they'd like to order, then ordering for both of you when the waiter/waitress/bartender takes the order
  3. Holding doors open, pulling out chairs, etc.
    Manners go a long way and while it's not expected it is noted and appreciated.
  4. Being kind to wait staff and tipping well
    Shows good moral character.
  5. Giving positive advice without being specifically asked for it
  6. Looking your partner directly in the eyes while talking to them
  7. Saying your partners name unexpectedly at the end of a sentence, especially in that lower register where you can tell they’re being more serious than usual
  8. Being effortlessly good with kids and animals
  9. Putting your hand on your partners lower back while standing or walking
    Subtle gesture that goes a lot further than holding hands IMO.
  10. Not calling women bitches, under any circumstance
  11. Warming your partners hands in your own, sitting on their feet, or offering to give them your jacket when they're cold
    Coming from someone who perpetually shivers this one is huge.
  12. Giphy