I am the Slushee Queen. Heed my advice.
  1. Pace's Dairy Ann in Bountiful. Greatest slushees since the 50s, and they'll add a dollop of vanilla icecream in the center if requested. Creamy, slushee goodness. They also make Pace Bars which come in the same flavors as their slushees. These are the greatest Popsicles and can be found in SLC grocery stores.
  2. Sonic's blue raspberry slush with Nerds. So tart.
  3. Freeze an Orange-Orange Vitamin Water for exactly 1 hour. BOOM homemade slushee.
  4. Water, sugar, purple. Grape ain't messin' around. I feel like lemon didn't really try either.
  5. Slurpees are acceptable when in a pinch.