Shout out to ZzzQuil, Ambien, and Dilaudid
  1. Tweeted numerous times things that don't make sense/gibberish
    Thanks, Ambien Walrus
  2. Texted an ex
    Was just like "Sup Brah how's it hangin'?"
  3. Cut my own bangs
    Had to have them professionally fixed, obvi
  4. Audible hallucinations
    Numerous times I thought I heard a man saying something quietly but couldn't make out what it was. Once I jumped awake because I thought I heard a man yelling at me. Disturbing af.
  5. After being put on heavy narcotics from a back surgery, I purchased this sweatshirt online the night right after and didn't remember until it showed up on my doorstep.
  6. Googled numerous murdery things such as "when does a body start to decompose" and "how many times did Lizzie Borden ax her parents".
    Thanks, Ambien Walrus
  7. Was found sleepwalking, in the shed, in my backyard, during winter, in shorts and barefoot. When found and asked what I was doing I said I had to find the shovel so I could dig a trench in the yard.
    My eyes were apparently open and I remember none of it.
  8. Static