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  1. Celebrity Dentist Adventure
    For all those times that you've wanted to perform oral surgery and dental procedures on Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga & more!
  2. Mermaids New Baby
    Look after a mermaid and her unborn baby. How the fuck do mermaids get pregnant anyway?
  3. Adam Levine Kisses
    The official App Store description for this one had me in tears laughing. Here is my favourite part: 'Adam Levine is just feeling a little tonight and wishes he could be with someone special. However his over-controlling manager Fred just wants Adam to get back inside for tonight's show. Then all of a sudden you guys run into each other! But you guys aren't alone!'
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Songs that have made me think, and remind me of moments or places or people.
  1. In Light In Me - The Color Morale
  2. Paris in Flames - Thursday
  3. This Light - Dan Andriano
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List in progress - because I seriously see so many weird shit on the train.
  1. A woman clipping her finger/toenails and letting the clippings fall on the floor of the carriage.
  2. A couple popping each other's back and shoulder zits.
  3. The contents of a nights worth of solid binge drinking exiting a person's mouth.
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  1. Eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon
  2. Making up songs about practically everything
  3. The Kim Kardashian game. I seriously play this shit every day.
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