1. Celebrity Dentist Adventure
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    For all those times that you've wanted to perform oral surgery and dental procedures on Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga & more!
  2. Mermaids New Baby
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    Look after a mermaid and her unborn baby. How the fuck do mermaids get pregnant anyway?
  3. Adam Levine Kisses
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    The official App Store description for this one had me in tears laughing. Here is my favourite part: 'Adam Levine is just feeling a little tonight and wishes he could be with someone special. However his over-controlling manager Fred just wants Adam to get back inside for tonight's show. Then all of a sudden you guys run into each other! But you guys aren't alone!'
  4. Stray Cat Simulator
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    A game for your inner cat that just can't be tamed!
  5. Virtual Beggar
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    This game just seemed kind of weird and totally wrong to me. Apparently you 'tap to throw coins to the beggar' and 'collect valuables thrown by generous passers-by.' Oh and you can also customize your beggars look and chat to other beggars around the world!
  6. Plumber Crack
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    The aim of the game is to throw various stuff into the butt cracks of plumbers and IT workers. One for the intellectuals.