Hi! Yes it's me, you probably only remember me as the overweight girl hiking down the mountain.
  1. So here's the thing....
    Usually people I meet on hikes are super friendly
  2. Except you guys
    The guy in front of me hiking was very slender and he got a simple "hi" form you
  3. But for me
    I got looked from top to bottom and I saw your judging eyes. "Ha..ha..haaa.... How you doin?!" In the most demeaning tone
  4. I will admit
    That yes clinically I am overweight, obese even. However I personally feel that you shouldn't have spoke to me that way
  5. My hike was going fantastic
    I try to hike as often as possible, and it gives me an opportunity to clear my head.
  6. But that comment and the way you acted
    Made me feel like less of a person. It was hurtful.
  7. But...
  8. If you only knew me
    You would know that I'm more than just a number on a scale or a clothing size
  9. And yesterday
    I put hard work, sweat, and determination into hiking that mountain.
  10. So looking past your comment
  11. I am proud!
    I'm proud of myself for not turning around. I'm proud that I kept pushing through.
  12. I am strong!
  13. And I am beautiful!
    No matter what your dirty looks say..or what society says.
  14. I AM CAIT!
  15. 💙💙