About Me, as Told by Random Pictures in My Phone

Inspired by @georgiez
  1. Wow Golden's are so cute
    Of course I had to screen shot one of buzzfeeds "31 most adorable Golden's of 2015" 😍😍
  2. I take too may pictures and
    These fools are tired of it..... @georgiez @mother
  3. Hiking makes me happy
    And is didn't happen if you didn't take a picture right?! Lol
  4. Daddy's girl
  5. Because I play card games too
    And this rounds was great at Friendsgiving and I'd hafta say pretty accurate
  6. I love animals
    My sister brought home a stray and she fit right in with us 😭
  7. I am Ron Swanson
    That is all.