Why is it so wrong to talk about it?!
  1. Recently I was in an all time low funk.
  2. Honestly it was awful and the worse bout with depression I've ever experienced.
  3. But when other people realize that you deal with depression it's like they look at you like less of a person.
    In their eyes it's just you not being able to control your emotions.
  4. Or they think it makes you crazy.
  5. And instead of useful help you'll hear:
  6. "Oh well why don't you just get over it?"
  7. "It's been (insert number of months) don't you think it's time to let it go?"
  8. "Oh come on now, your life isn't that bad!"
  9. Just to name a few....
  10. And anytime that anyone brings up the word Depression it get swept under the rug.
  11. It shouldn't be that way.
  12. Roughly 14.8 million Americans are affected by it.
  13. And what I've come to realize is that sometimes just unloading to a friend helps a lot more than one would think.
  14. A conversation without a demeaning comeback.
    Works wonders
  15. We're so open to talk about everything else...
  16. Why not talk depression?!
    It's very real!