Growing up is awful...okay not that awful but I'd love to be a kid even just for a day to re-live some of my favorite childhood memories.
  1. Cuddling with my daddy watching my favorite movie
    Oh the flying monkeys... And my daddy always saying in his best wicked witch voice "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too"
  2. Bent spoons
    Meaning my mawmaw went too ham on scooping ice cream ❤️
  3. The wiggly, jiggly colorful pen
    I use to doodle with lying on my mawmaw robin and pawpaw SAMs floor
  4. When it was acceptable to have hotdogs and Mac and cheese for dinner
    Now it's not 😭
  5. Metal jar lids
    They were the perfect mold for mud pies, my granny showed me how to make
  6. The one time my uncle cut the roof off of a car
    And we used it as a mega sled through the pastures
  7. The one time my daddy bashed high school musical
    And showed me grease and I was in love immediately
  8. Every summer we would drive
    Up to my nana's beach house and I remember catching baby crabs with my young uncle and aunt.
  9. When I was still young enough for it to be okay to sleep with a stuffed animal
    But honestly it's okay because i still sleep with my rabby ❤️
  10. And don't get me started on 90's cartoons
  11. When it was acceptable to kick and scream when you don't get your way
    Actually it was never acceptable because I would have gotten spanked. But it's even more so unacceptable as an adult.
  12. And that one fishing trip with my pawpaw Bobby
    That we caught a catfish and he showed me how to take it off the hook properly
  13. And all the fishing trips with my great grandparents on there farm
    And my granny telling me I had to kiss my fish for good luck..... I still may or may not do this.
  14. Tweetsie railroad
    Oh my love for the mountains came from you❤️