Why are you so perfect?! And who are you
  1. First off so sorry about the address mixup
  2. Today my mom texted me to say I had a mysterious package 😬😬
  3. So I get home and here it is 😬
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  4. I couldn't wait any longer😬
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    So I busted it open ☺️
  5. So first off I love the bracelet
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  6. Also this hat
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    I love it. Sorry I look so rough I have a bad cold
  7. And caddyshack YAS!
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    Bill f'in Murray. That is all
  8. My mug and tea
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    This is perfect because I love mugs and I'm sick currently so all the tea will help 😊
  9. And the card with a corny joke 😭
  10. Thank you thank you thank you
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    This made my whole day! You are a perfect human being
  11. @ChrisK thank you for setting this up!
  12. Also ss please show yourself
    I think we could be best friends lol
  13. I will soon make a list of all the questions you asked!
  14. But about you...
    •Dead poets society!!!! YAS! •the office and parks and rec. and the mindy project?! Can we be best friends now?
  15. Again THANK YOU 😭😭😭