The Most Important People in My Life

No seriously they are wonderful and I have no idea what I'd do or where I'd be without them. (In no special order)
  1. My pawpaw
    He's the sweetest man I've ever know, one who is genuine in every thing he does. I mean look at that face, he's perfect.
  2. My sister and best friend
    Not only do I have her as a sister but a best friend as well. She's listen to every problem I've had and helped me through it and she even laughs at my corny jokes. @mother
  3. My daddy
    Well duh I'm a daddy's girl. He taught me everything I know, and encourages me to chase my dreams. We are scarily similar, with our strong willed personalities and our awful jokes.
  4. My fiancé
    He's my main squeeze! He's so loving and sweet. He's there for me through everything. He makes my bad days better and my good days great! ❤️
  5. My "adoptive" mom
    She so wonderful! She's always their for me with a big hug and a smiling face. She makes me want to be a better person and clean my room 😂😂