I'm going to be a better person.
  1. Indulge myself in a book
    and by book, I mean novel. I mean taking time for myself again.
  2. I will eat healthy again
    I am going to value my body and health again.
  3. I'm going to have my quiet time
    reading my bible, writing in my journal, etc. Doesn't matter. It'll happen.
  4. I will listen to my Jesus music
    it always makes me happier so why not?
  5. I'm going to crush my sadness.
    I'll forget all of it. everything.
  6. I'll tell the people I love that I love them
    I'll be grateful, kind, and honest.
  7. I will be honest with others
    I will choose to tell the truth even if it hurts.
  8. I won't be shy
    I will continue to talk when my cheeks get red.
  9. I will bless someone else
    buy them something give them something whatever it may be.
  10. I will compliment someone not by their appearance
    list of this coming soon ;)