introduction :)
  1. it's okay to not be okay
    sharing your feelings may not be comfortable, but it may be best.
  2. dreaming is good
    I thought I had a dream, but it didn't make me happy. A dream is supposed to make you giddy and joyful and excited and nervous all together.
  3. self-analysis is key
    if you aren't joyful in your current state figure out the problem and change it.
  4. don't apologize for your opinion
    just because you think you're right doesn't mean someone else is wrong and just because someone else thinks they're right doesn't mean you're wrong.
  5. well being over career
    although many people claim that your career comes first, I would rather be poor and joyful than rich and unhappy.
  6. try everything THEN decide
    dabble in everything you can until you see what's right for YOU.
  7. choose yourself
    make your decisions for yourself because they won't have the same effect on others that they do on you.
  8. crying is good