Top 5 Spider-Man costumes (besides the original)

Steve Ditko's original design for Spider-Man is unbeatable, but these costumes are nothing to shake a stick at either. Here are the top 5 other Spider-Man costumes.
  1. Ben Reilly's Spider-Man suit
    Worn by a clone of Peter who thought he was the genuine article for a year or so, the 90s were weird, this suit stands on its own while still showing respect to the original design. Notice the webshooters on the outside of the suit, a rarity.
  2. The Iron Spider suit
    Built for Peter by Tony Stark just before Civil War, this suit was essentially light weight Kevlar, near bulletproof, had access to police scanners and EMS frequencies, digital recording, plus three creepy looking robot arms. The 2000s were weird too.
  3. The Future Foundation suit
    The most recent costume on this list, this suit was worn when Spider-Man joined the Future Foundation, better known as the Fantastic Four, after Johny Storm went missing in the Negative Zone and was presumed dead. The suit can invert it's colors for stealth missions and is made of unstable molecules.
  4. The black suit
    Sleek, stylish, probably the most streamlined of any suit Peter has worn. It started out as an alien symbiote that later bonded with Eddie Brock to become Venom. Over the years Peter has donned a cloth version of the suit when stealth or fear play a large part in the mission.
  5. Spider-Man 2099
    Originally a costume for New York's Day of the Dead parade, this suit was stolen and adopted by Miguel O'Hara when he became the Spider-Man of the year 2099. The costume is made of unstable molecules which makes it pretty indestructible and it has a small air-foil cape that lets Miguel glide small distances. Plus just look at it!