1. Freedom
  2. Being surrounded by people I love
  3. Playing volley ball
  4. Having a Fajjitas party at mine!
  5. Cycling around Naoshima
  6. Listening to Tim Ferriss interviewing Derek Sivers
  7. Watching art by David Brian Smith
  8. Wearing a silk dress
  9. Walking on the beach
  10. Drinking with my two BF at the Ace Hotel London
  11. Reading a book by Junot Dias
  12. Reading a book by Elif Shafak
  13. Being in love with that guy.
  14. Being in love with that guy, again.
  15. Watching a TED talk
  16. Watching an early episode of Girls
  17. Watching episode 2 of Master of None
  18. Eating a fool at Tatreez
  19. Walking around brick lane
  20. Swimming in a lake
  21. Listening to the economist podcast
  22. Meditation