I am a typical white girl. Of course I use emojis.
  1. 😎
    I'm cool. So is this guy. You knows he's an emoji and he is OWNING it. Also often used in my conversations as a portrayal of Stevie Wonder.
  2. 🔥
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    Sometimes you just wanna burn everything to the ground.
  3. 💉
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    Other times you're just feeling stabby.
  4. 🚨
    RED ALERT, RED ALERT! Commonly used to tell friends, "That motherfucker is crazy!"
  5. 🙊
    My go-to emoji. Because often words escape my mouth before my brain clears them.
  6. 🖍
    Because I like to let people know when they're being dumb. I'd explain it to you but I don't think I have enough time or crayons.
  7. 🌮
    I mean, who HASN'T been waiting their whole emoji experience for this one?!