1. He is orange
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    But only if he's in season
  2. He once violently raped his wife
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  3. He has a goofy smile with empty eyes
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    If you put a candle in his head, his eyes flicker and mimic life
  4. He lies about his worth to inflate his success in business
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  5. If you put a wig on him, and carve his face right, he almost looks like a real human
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    But be careful, if you carve too much it reveals his pumpkin flesh
  6. He is openly racist
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  7. If you put him on your doorstep, you might spook the neighbors
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    Especially if they are POC
  8. He has a long history of bankrupting businesses and deflecting the blame from himself
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  9. He is orange
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    Just don't leave him in the sun for too long