Weird bodily functions and and the strange treasures they produce.
  1. The one that's stuck in the crawl space of your nose
    How do you get this one out?
  2. The squishy one.
    My sisters and I used to call this one "the chewy one" when we were younger. We didn't eat them, ya sicko.
  3. The one that's shellacked to your nose hair
    Extracting this one is a painful, eye-watering process in which you consider not extracting it at all and just "living with it" forever. Also, you are in denial about nose hair altogether cause you are way too feminine for that.
  4. The dry, fluttery one that flaps with every breath.
    Usually seen on your partner, usually when he/she is busy talking to someone important and can't see you mime YOU HAVE A BOOGER IN YOUR NOSE from behind the person they're talking to. But the person they're talking to turns around instead and sees you gesticulating wildly.
  5. The wet one
    All moisture. Not to be confused with the squishy one.
  6. The pointy one
    The one that's shaped like a ninja star. Also hurts.
  7. The stowaway
    The one that flew out of someone else's nose at a particularly dramatic part of their speech and may have landed somewhere on your person and now you don't want to seem rude trying to find it and dust it off.
  8. The ghost
    You know it's there, you've waited for an opportunity alone to address it and it's is gone. It's presence may still be felt.
  9. The Stage-5 Clinger
    "I thought I flicked that booger off of me already?!"
    Suggested by @ashmac