Years may have passed, but I still remember these ways of understanding film.
  1. Metz's signifier and signified
  2. Apparatus theory
  3. Kracauer's concept of the mass ornament
  4. Termite art vs. White Elephant Art
    🙌🏼 Manny Farber
  5. Mulvey's to-be-looked-at-ness
  6. Parts of Molly Haskell's "From Reverence to Rape"
  7. Nihilism in film noir
  8. Walter Benjamin and flânerie
  9. The Kuleshov effect and most Soviet montage theory
  10. Creating meaning along the paradigmatic and syntagmatic axis
  11. Using intersectionality to look at blaxploitation films
  12. Preserving heternormativity