Boobs get in the way of the following things
  1. Suspenders
    Guess I'll never look as cool as Janaelle Monae
  2. Overalls (see "Suspenders")
    Guess I'll never look as cool as Alexa Chung
  3. Carefully extracting oneself from a crowded room
    Sorry *bump*
  4. Backless shirts
    But where to hide the severe engineering of my boob holsters?
  5. Crossing your arms with 'tude
    Do I cross under boobs which pushes them up to my neck or over boobs which squishes them down to my navel?
  6. Hugs
    Always a slight bow before a hug
  7. Cross-body bags
    Divides boobs but does not conquer
  8. Seeing shirt stains below my boobs
    But I don't see any sauce???
  9. Leaning on a balcony when it's at boob height
    See over-under conundrum on "Crossing arms with 'tude"
  10. Aprons (see "Suspenders")