I can probably back squat you
  1. Power clean = 120. GOAL = 140 (above or at bodyweight)
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  2. Bench press = 115. GOAL = 140
  3. clean and JERK = 125. goal = bodyweight
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  4. OVERHEAD SQUAT = 95 (so close to goal of 100#!). side story - I used to hate OHS and for evvvvrr I was stuck at 65#. a few months ago I had a 30# PR. wtf
  5. kettle bell swings. no goal - just love this pic. need to rock the pink shirt more.
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  6. Back squat = 150 (I think?). goal = 175 (ambitious)
  7. front squat baby = 140#. GOAL = 160
  8. DT Rx!!
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  9. DEAD LIFT = 215# (I love deadlifts). GOAL = 250#
  10. Double unders. meh. f double unders
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  11. to see Thor In his sweatshirt like evry day!
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  12. FRAN. for those who don't know Fran, she's a B. beast nasty. pull ups and thrusters. my goal is to beat my goal time from last year
  13. To do all partner WODs with Michelle 💗
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  14. Shoulder press = 90! GOALZ= 100#
  15. jump jump
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  16. if you actually made it to the end of this list, this is the final Crossfit stat: when we did the first #strongerfasterleaner challenge, my team did pole dancing. so see, crossfits not that bad 😁
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