I have a three year old. And some questions.
  1. What are the major exports and industries of Arendelle?
  2. Has the extreme solitude of her childhood driven Ana completely insane? (Preliminary evidence is troubling)
  3. Where is the regent that has been managing the kingdom since the shipwreck? The transition of power seems smooth, but there seems to be some negligence in the raising of the princesses.
  4. Does Elsa really have the power to create fully sentient beings out of snow? What are the moral and philosophical consequences of such a power?
  5. Why does "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" make me so sad?
  6. Did no one notice when Christoff was abducted by the trolls?
  7. How long to reindeer live? I'm worried Sven will soon be pining for the fjords and Christoff's tenuous grasp on reality will be further shaken.